Thursday, November 14, 2019

What's New in the 2020 Edition of the Scott Classic Catalogue

Even though I rarely have anything useful to say these days, you can always count on me for at least two posts per year: April Fools and the release of the latest Scott Classics catalog.

The publication of the latter has been delayed this year from early to mid-November 2019. Here is a summary of the notable changes for 2020 according to the Linn's website:

There are new sections for perforated Official stamps from Switzerland and Venezuela.

BOB listing for Switzerland have been expanded and reorganized by type and frame varieties.

There are new listings for the Danube Steam Navigation Company which are found under Austrian Offices Abroad.

Special attention has been made this year to helping collectors identify the 1892 Thailand surcharged high-denomination stamps with low denominations.

Many minor varieties are included for the 1931-32 wet and dry printings of China.

Notes and new varieties were added to Western Ukraine.

According to the editors, "overall value changes in this year’s catalog reflect a mix of increases and decreases." Countries with many changes include stamps of India used in Aden, Austrian offices for Lombardy-Venetia, Heligoland, classic issues of Eritrea, and the Italian states of Modena and Parma, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, Fiume, Western Ukraine, Egypt, British Offices Abroad, Iraq, Madagascar, and Somaliland Protectorate, among others.

[If you want an overview of changes in all the editions since 1995, type the words "classic catalogue" into the search field in the upper left corner of the screen.]


Jim said...

Thanks for the update Bob. Actually, I look forward to your annual update, and the April 1 post too! I just ordered a 2020.

All the best!


Bob said...

Jim, you are so up to date. My last is the 2007 (print and pdf).

DrewM said...

The Danube Steam Navigation Company, eh? Just what I need, a new collecting interest!