Monday, April 1, 2013

No More Empty Spaces

"True Blue" collectors live for filling our album. But what are we to do with the occasional album mistake by Scott's editors for which there is no proper stamp? You know what I'm talking about: duplicated spaces, spaces with the wrong description or cut, and spaces for which no possible stamp will fit (for example, the provided space is vertical but the only stamp that will work is horizontal).

So in keeping with the day, I am pleased to report that Scott intends to provide collectors with custom stamp-shaped labels that can be mounted in these specious spaces. Scott is doing this because it is a much cheaper solution than actually correcting the album errors. The Cinderellas will be available in MNH, MLH, Unused, and Used formats. (Specialty versions, such as with inverted centers, are under consideration.) Now Blue Collectors will no longer have to look at any empty spaces in their albums.

The labels announced so far are:

Label 1) This space intentionally left blank.

Label 2) We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Label 3) Error Code 404: Stamp Not Found.

Label 4) Label reproducing the Penny Black but Queen Victoria is replaced with a portrait of J Walter Scott who happens to look a lot like Alfred E Newman.

Speaking of Alfred E Newman, does anyone remember Mad's Talking Stamps authored by Frank Jacobs?