Friday, October 16, 2009

Stamp Collections Online

I just stumbled across a couple of sites I should have known about before this. Bill Seymour has a webpage for "Online Stamp Collections," including his own. Countries Mr. Seymour has scanned from his own collection include Alaouites, Alexandretta, Algeria, Allenstein, Argentina Collection, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Belgium, El Salvador, Greenland, New Zealand, Niger, Turkey, Upper Volta, and Yugoslavia. What makes these especially relevant is that they fall within the Classic Era of collecting.

Mr. Seymour also lists other people's scanned collections of which the most interesting to the "Blue" International Collector is the Antonius Ra World Collection. Again, emphasis is on the Classic Era. This is still a work in progress so not all countries are represented, but those that have been scanned are well worth a look (including a very impressive US). Here's a page of Roman States from the Antonius Ra collection to give you an idea of the treat in store for the worldwide collector:

(All rights reserved, Antonius Ra.)

I've had it at the back of my mind that when my own collection reaches say 20,000-25,000 stamps, it might be interesting to start scanning my pages. At the rate I'm going that is still some years off. Alternatively, I could scan pages when an individual country is complete. I do have several of those already.

ADDITION: I just found "...Dr. Cheng Chang’s web site of world stamp collection by country. Dr. Cheng Chang intends to collect over 90% of the world’s stamps from 1840, the world’s first stamp, up to and around 1990, though collections from many countries, such as China, Canada, Germany and so on, are up to year of 2000 or even over." Although Dr. Chang appears to have some Internationals, the great majority of his collection is housed in Scott Specialty albums. Absolutely worth taking a look. I think you will be impressed.


Bill said...

Interesting. Thanks for the links!

bijo paul said...

found your blog now. Thank you for the info.

Bob said...

Bijo paul, glad you found it useful. You might check out the other blogs on the right hand side of the page to see if there are any that you aren't familiar with.

Jim said...

"I've had it at the back of my mind that when my own collection reaches say 20,000-25,000 stamps, it might be interesting to start scanning my pages."

Bob, you are over 20,000 stamps. ;-)

I, for one, would be delighted to see your completed country pages (or almost completed pages. :-)

I'm sure I am not the only one that would enjoy the visual feast.
There is nothing like a completed album page.

I might try it at some point with my blog also....


Bob said...

I've been reminded of that statement I wrote in a moment of weakness (just where is that edit button), most recently while enjoying (as you have) A-Ra's scans on the new StampForum. My biggest problem outside of laziness is that I would have to take the album apart each time I wanted to scan something. What I'm thinking about, though, are a couple of projects that I may be able to do with my smartphone. Sounds like a New Year's Resolution for 2014.

Mitchell Ward said...

Jim, I notice that the scan of Roman States is no longer showing up. A few months ago I added the top key for these, the 1sc. I updated the page and believe that is why it is no longer showing up. Here is the URL to the revised page:
Happy Stampin,

Bob said...

Wouldn't you know I chose an album page where the url would change. Congrats on adding the 1sc. And thanks for putting your collection online.