Monday, March 19, 2012

Linns/Scott Catalog Survey

Here is the link to a survey that you can take to share your opinions on Linns and the Scott Catalogs. There are prizes! The survey is being conducted by Amos Publishing and closes April 14, 2012.

Odds & Ends

I was able to spend a couple of hours at the Wineburgh Philatelic Library at UT Dallas last week and found some further information to add to earlier posts. Specifically,

1) I was missing the Editor's Letter for the 2005 Scott Specialized Catalogue. I now have a copy of this and have added a summary of what was new in the 2005 edition.

2) I found a couple of pieces of information on the publishing history of the Stanley Gibbons Ideal/New Ideal albums.

3) I have added counts for the Minkus Supreme Global's coverage of 19th century Austria, Bavaria, Germany, and Hungary to the comparison of the Ideal, Brown, and Blue albums.

A couple of tidbits on the Scott Blue and Brown Internationals. I saw an ad in the April 1941 Scott Monthly for the following Annual Albums: 1934-35, 35-36, 36-37, 37-38, 38-39, and 39-40 with the dates matching the corresponding catalog coverage. As you may know, there is a question as to whether Scott ever issued a final volume in the Brown International series that covered mid-1938 through 1940. I have never seen anything to so indicate and therefore believe it was the Annual Album that provided collectors these final months. (Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen any of the Annual Albums offered on eBay. Has anyone reading this seen one?)

The August 1941 Scott Monthly has an ad indicating that Scott had just published a Supplement that could be used to bring the 1939 edition of the Blue Junior Album up to date through 1940. Other ads promised supplements to the Blue Volume One every two years.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scott Classic Catalog for iPad/iPhone/iTouch is out

Amos Publishing has released the first two Scott catalogs for the iPad etc. In addition to the US Specialized is, incredibly, the 2012 Classic Catalogue. The app itself is free. The cost for the Classic Catalog is $90 which you can buy in three parts at $29.99 each. I did a quick and dirty review of the app on the Virtual Stamp Club thread. You can also find some nice screen shots as well as more discussion on Stamp Community.

According to Charles Snee on Stamp Boards, "The six 2013 Standard catalogue volumes will be available through the app at the same time the print versions go on sale."

Here is a link to the Scott Catalogue app at the Apple App Store:

Screen shot is from the iPhone version.

UPDATE 3/6/12: The March 5th Linn's has a one page article on the Scott Catalogue Mobile (the app's official name) by one of Scott's catalog editors, David Akin. He gives some interesting technical data (resolution, font size) and some explanations for how the catalog has been partioned for purchase and downloading. Amos Publishing welcomes comments about this product which may be sent from within the app or by email to Cuserv@amospress with SCM in the subject line.

UPDATE 3/20/12: Chad Snee on PhilaMercury writes that Scott is working on improving the search function for the next version and perhaps--be still my heart--a check list function.