Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Scott International Album Accessories

There is a current eBay auction for an older set of International Postage Stamp Album Title Labels. Scott describes them as “Pressure sensitive labels. Easily attached by hand. Made of the same handsome, durable binding material as Scott’s blank International binders. These labels will appear to be a permanent part of the album spine. Yet they permit the collector to arrange his International pages exactly as he desires. Handsome. Permanent. Convenient.”

As far as I can tell, you can no longer buy a prepackaged set of labels, but you can still purchase them individually. On the Amos Advantage site, there is a dropdown in the Search menu for “binder labels: international.” They correlate to a previous version, so there are only two rather than four separate labels for the Volume One.

This got me to wondering whether there were any accessories sold for the International series that aren’t available today. The only thing I can come up with are the Coats of Arms, Flags and Rulers of Countries. Perhaps you know of others. To get us started, here are the accessories I’m aware of:

Binder small blue (regular)
Binder large blue (jumbo)
Slipcase small blue
Slipcase large blue
Binder labels (currently sold for individual binders)
Blank pages with the International border
Blank quadrille lined pages with the International Border
Blue protector sheets for International binder
Glassine interleaving 2-round post International

No longer available:

Coats of Arms (96), 19th Century Series
Flags (88), 19th Century Series
Rulers (72), 19th Century Series
Binder labels (set for all currently available volumes)

Other accessories that can be used with the International but not specific to the series include:

Scott Filler strips

I thought I remembered that Amos sold Advantage Stocksheets (1-8 pockets) with the International Border, but I don’t find these on their website. I own some but they are packed up at the moment so I can’t check. [UPDATE: they come in the National and Specialty borders only.]

Subway Stamps in their G&K line sells versions of most of the above, but it is worth specifically noting:

G&K Interleaving Crystal clear film
G&K Inventory Record Pages
G&K Crystal clear page protectors (closed on 2 sides).