Monday, November 17, 2008

Resources for Worldwide 1840-1940 Collectors

Here are some Websites, books, etc., that I have found useful. I will continue to add to these in the coming months and would appreciate any suggestions. If you find any broken links, please let me know.
General Websites
Big Blue 1840-1940
A thorough discussion of the coverage of the Scott Volume 1. Indispensable blog for all International collectors.
"Many pleasures and pitfalls in collecting the whole world 1840 to 1940"
By Michael Titford. (Suggested by maplewoodhistory)
"Plentiful and Inexpensive" by Ed Denson.
One of the first pages I discovered on the Scott Internationals.
Stamp Collecting Blog.
This is the blog of Keijo who lives in Finland and collects the world. Some great discussions of the challanges of world wide collecting, comparisons of ways to house your collection, and many other topics. Some interesting comments by followers.
Klassische Philatelie
A website in German on Classic-era philately by Dr. Christoph Ozdoba.
The Philatelic Database.
According to the site: "At PDb you will discover first-class feature articles by eminent philatelists, leading stamp auctioneers and collectors with a passion for their subject."
Virtual Stamp Club.
There are some heavy hitters on this forum, but few of the threads have anything to do with pre-1940 stamps except for US. The VSC is currently undergoing a change in administration.
This venerable Usenet group has been around for decades. Unfortunately, less active every year. At least they have the spam under control.
Stamp Community: World Classic Stamps Mint and Used.
This is a subforum of the Stamp Community discussion group devoted to 1840-1940 issues. Surprisingly active.
A very active general discussion group. Covers all eras but, because the forum is hosted in Australia, tends to emphasize Australia and British Empire areas. Lots of useful information.
Stamp Forum.
Looks like another useful source of information about all aspects of stamp collecting.
"The Evolution of the Stamp Album, from Lallier to Mekeel."
BOOKS on PHILATELY: Philatelic Bibliopole. Leonard H. Hartmann.
A good guide to what is available in a variety of collecting areas.
Preservation and care of philatelic materials.
Books on Classic Era Stamps of the World

Mackay, James A. The World of classic stamps.

Catalogs - Print
Michel's Klassik-Katalog Europa 1840–1900
According to Michel's website: "ca. 700 Seiten, ├╝ber 2800 farbige Abbildungen, rund 75 000 Preisnotierungen." Published October 2007. I do not know if there has been more than one edition.
Scott. Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps & Covers.
Annual since 1995. Book & DVD versions; note that the later pdf versions had the print function disabled. Available for the iPhone and iPad as of 2012 (discontinued in 2014).
Yvert & Tellier. Classiques du Monde: 1840-1940.
Published every 5 years. Latest edition is 2010. 
Catalogs - Online

Worldwide Stamp Catalogues is a website that lists catalogs, print and online, for all countries.

Here are the online catalogs that Keijo Kortelainen has reviewed on his Stamp Collecting Blog: 

Individual Countries (Web)

Stamp Domain Resource Pages.

     A good place to start for online and print resources for a variety of countries.
Comparative Stamp Forgery Identification Site
Stamp Forgery Guide.
     Sources for Information on Forged Stamps and on Stamp Expertising.
Stamp Forgeries of the World.
     Goal is to cover all countries with ten thousand images of forged and genuine stamps.
StampSelector Scarce Stamp Quantities Issued List.
     "This listing is a perpetual work in progress - an incomplete listing of stamps with printings of 100,000 or fewer. It currently contains over 9,700 entries, and will be updated periodically."
Internet Resources for Postal History Research.
     "An annotated listing [by Richard Frajola] of online resources that have been found useful in general postal history research.

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