Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Scott Annual and Progressive Albums

I've written about these albums several times. They were intended as supplements to the Brown Internationals between release of the latest bound volumes. For those interested, a recent thread on the Stamp Community Forum contains some interesting photos and scans.

As a reminder, the last volume of the Browns issued by Scott stops with issues from 1938/39. But the Vintage Reproductions edition of the Browns takes the albums through 1940. So how was Vintage Reproductions able to bring the Browns up to date? (I asked and "they" don't remember.) The possibilities would seem to be:

1) there was an Annual Album published for 1939/1940 which has eluded the Internet (almost certainly not the case);

2) an Annual Album for 1939/1940 was prepared but never published once Scott decided to discontinue the Browns--Vintage Reproductions somehow got hold of one;

3) Scott actually prepared the pages to bring the Browns up to 1940 but decided to cut their costs and remainder the existing set rather than releasing an album for the latest issues--again, Vintage Reproductions somehow got hold of one;

4) Vintage Reproductions used Scott Specialty albums to reconstruct 1939/1940.

I lean towards the latter explanation but honestly do not know. I wonder if someone had the Specialty Albums from this era whether they would faithfully match the Vintage Reproductions pages for these years?

Here is a link to the thread on Stamp Community Forum.

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Jim said...

Hi Bob

Great topic!

The Brown's Fifth (and final) volume (Called "20th Century Part Four) covers from September 1934 to ~ August, 1938, and includes all stamps found in the 1939 Standard Postage Catalogue, according to the title page. The 1937-38 "Annual album" also ends coverage August, 1938.

To repeat, the Brown coverage ends mid year, 1938.

So where did Vintage come up with the Volume 6?

Well, the Scott 1938-39 "Annual album" covers from September 1938- August 1939!

Why wouldn't Vintage simply use the 1938-39 "Annual album" (Sept 1938-August 1939) as already published by Scott to extend coverage?

Coverage would be up to August, 1939.

Now, whether Vintage continued with coverage from August 1939 into 1940 from another source, I don't know. As you said, it would be nice to compare Vintage Volume 6 and the 1938-39 "Annual album". Are they the same? And do they differ and/or is coverage continued further?

All the best!

Jim Jackson

Bob said...

Jim, thanks for reminding us that the coverage of the Brown and the Annuals correspond to those of the corresponding Scott catalogs. There are more important philatelic mysteries out there (did Hind really destroy a second copy of the unique One Cent British Guiana?), but still, it would be nice to know.