Friday, November 22, 2019

Les Classiques du Monde 2020

GeoffHa on the Stamp Community discussion group alerts us that Yvert is publishing the third edition of its Les Classiques du Monde 2020. Cost is 89.00€. Dedicated classic era collectors will remember that Scott, Yvert, and Michel all have relevant catalogs, which suggests to me the continuing interest of collectors in this field. I think Scott could take a cue from how Yvert ends their list of improvements in this edition: "Et bien d'autres surprises!" You can find detailed spoilers on the Yvert website.


albumfilling said...

Interesting catalog. I have looked for it online but shipping cost is quite expensive. Do you have an idea on how frequently they will issue new editions?

Also, have you seen the related Michel catalog that you mentioned? How frequently are new editions released for it?

I have several editions of the Scott Classic catalog, currently 2000, 2006, and 2017, with plans to acquire the 2022 version as a possibility unless they offer a particularly attractive cover color in 2021. I wish they offered the deluxe leather bound version that was offered at one time. I look for them online occasionally but have never seen one.

Does Stanley Gibbons offer an equivalent? The 1840-1970 Commonwealth and British Empire catalog comes closest based on what I have seen.

Bob said...

It looks like the Y&T catalog is coming out about every 5 years. I own the original edition and I waited to purchase it after a new edition was announced and the price dropped. I have the first Michel. It is very detailed but limited by a narrower geographic and time period focus. Wouldn't it be great if Michel did an all world 1840-1940? I am unaware of any SG catalog equivalent, but then they have given up on their any world albums--improbably, I like their Ideal albums which covered until 1936. Bottom line, of all the publishers, Scott has shown the strongest commitment to world classic era collectors. (I had forgotten about the deluxe bound version. I wonder if it would hold up better than the normal binding?)

Tom said...

Bob, I ended up ordering this a few weeks ago - it was 109 euros, or about $128, including shipping to the US - not cheap, but a nice little splurge item. It's actually not that much more expensive than ordering it in France; the shipping costs are higher, but I didn't have to pay tax. Arrived in great shape in less than week (I'm in Boston), which was impressive.

Lots of fun to page through, and I look forward to having a Y&T concordance with Scott numbers when I'm pursuing a few hard-to-find items in Europe. A shame that Michel doesn't have a similar volume.

I'm still early in my BB pursuit and have been tempted many a time to switch over to Minkus, but that Scott classic catalogue is a constant companion and keeps me chained!