Saturday, November 5, 2016

What's new in the 2017 Scott Classic Catalogue

[For an overview of changes in all the editions since 1995, type the words "classic catalogue" into the search field in the upper left corner of the screen.]

If it is November, it must be time for a new edition of the Scott Classic Catalogue. According to Donna Houseman as reported in Linn's, the latest edition features "thousands of value changes; 677 new number changes and additions; and myriad editorial improvements, including many hundreds of revised and expanded listings. More than 6,600 value changes were made in the 2017 Scott Classic Specialized catalog. Add to this the almost 13,000 value changes brought over from the six volumes of the 2017 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, and the total number of value changes soars to 19,370."

I usually don't report on changes in values, but it is interesting that the editors single out several  countries whose prices have softened, among them France and Germany.

Editorial enhancements specifically mentioned by Ms. Houseman can be found in Newfoundland, Canada, Switzerland (including valuations for on-cover and MNH), Jordan, Montenegro,  Serbia, Venezuela (postally used fiscal stamps) and the Malay State of Pahang (1942 issues not in the Big Blue).

Price for the hardbound version is $174.99 or $154.99 for Amos Advantage members. An eCatalogue version is available for $125.


Jim said...

I ordered the 2017 - I'm on a three year cycle.

Crispin Howell-Jones said...

Hi Bob

I've never commented before but I read all your posts with great interest, thanks for keeping up the good work!

This is such a great catalogue - it's my "go to" catalogue for most countries, but $175 is an awful lot of money to give you revised costs for a lot of stamps, when the costs bear little or no resemblance to what you'll pay on ebay or even to a dealer at a stamp fair. As has been mentioned often you can get very nice copies of some stamps for a tiny fraction of the CV, whereas others that are valued at the minimum or just above, in the real world can cost many times the CV, because the seem to appear on the market so rarely

I'm collecting on a limited budget, and I'd much rather spend that sort of money on stamps rather than the latest catalogue. And I speak as someone who has a bit of a book habit and when I look at my bookshelves I'm shocked at how many quite specialist catalogues I do have - like duplicate stamps they creep up on you

I managed to snag an ex library 2005 copy of the Scott Classic for £35 (then about $52) a couple of years ago, including postage to the UK and it's brilliant. Clear colour images and masses and masses of useful information. I was quite nervous about it being ex library and quite cheap but it's in near mint condition. If you want the information without the colour pictures it's possible to get earlier copies for really very little

I'm moderately fluent in French and as a result can get by to get some sort of sense in most Romance languages but other languages are a closed book so being in English is a great help too. I find its real strength is that it neatly covers the middle ground between the super specialised catalogues and the general catalogues which ignore perforations, watermarks, shades etc

A bit rambly but once again thanks for the blog!

All the best


ChrisW said...

Makes my 2011 edition ANOTHER year older! Maybe it's time to get a new one...