Thursday, November 3, 2016

Schwaneberger Specialized Kosmos Stamp Albums

I thought I knew about all the major worldwide albums that existed, but the Schwaneberger Specialized Kosmos (World) Stamp Album is a new one to me. Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions has the 1921 five volume set as lot 1037 in their Sale 694 ("Collections, Stocks and Accumulations of the World," November 18-19, 2016). The auction house very kindly tells us something about the albums: "Worldwide, Collection, 1840-1920. Schwaneberger Specialized Kosmos (World) Stamp Album in five volumes, 1921 edition (regarded by many experts as the finest printed stamp albums ever made) published in Germany by the makers of the Michel catalogues, and hailed as the first 'scientific' stamp albums and catalogues. This set of albums---with descriptions and spaces for every postage stamp known to be released through 1920---puts many catalogues to shame since it includes all major and minor shade, color, paper, watermark and perforation varieties (as in the Michel catalogues). This deluxe edition was printed in a very limited edition of a few hundred copies. It includes almost 1,000 singled-sided double folio-size heavy coated-paper pages, with a hidden springback mechanism in large buckram binders (with dust cases)."

You can see examples of the page layout here:

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