Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stamp Dens

A fun thread on the always entertaining and informative StampChat board has been "Who has the MESSIEST stamp room(s) ????" It is a relief to know that there are collectors who are messier (actually, way messier) than I am. But although we have a study, I usually work on my stamps at the dining room table. Having feared that this arrangement would forever subject me to shame in professional stamp collecting circles, I was pleased to read the following in Lawrence Block's "Generally Speaking" column in the January 25, 2010 Linn's: "When I settle into my stamp room (and it's not a dining room, no matter what fantasies my wife is able to entertain)...."

Here is a photo of my setup where for the past few days I've been transferring stamps from a recent eBay purchase. As indicated in an earlier blog, the albums are sitting on Ikea plastic drafting tables which also act as holders for hinges, etc. You will note a beer to show that stamp collecting is indeed an adult hobby. Missing are a watermark detector and perforation gauge. One "feature" of the International is that usually watermarks are irrelevant (except for some of the US Bureau Issues). Perforation differences aren't usually critical either, although I was reminded only today that one is necessary for early twentieth century issues of Ecuador.

The "Album Count Sheets" are how I keep track of the number of stamps in my Blue Volume 1. I've mentioned this before but will cover it in more detail in a future entry.

Even if you are fortunate enough to have a separate stamp room, don't feel too sorry for me. In case I get bored, here is the view from our dining table, I mean Stamp Den:

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