Sunday, February 25, 2018

Large Big Blue on eBay

I was not going to write about this album because I suspect anyone who reads this blog will already know about it from the Stamp Community forum. But as a matter of historical record, KReleya (Ken Stamps) recently picked up a very clean Scott International Volume One from Rasdale and is selling it on eBay. There are around 32,000 stamps and 168 complete countries.

Here is a link to the thread on the forum:

The first lots are already on eBay. Try searching for Super Scott Intern Album.


K said...

I've seen the lots taken from that collection; they seem pretty complete with a lot of classical material. I've bid on a couple of lots, and I'm sure more will be posted in the coming weeks.

Bob said...

Wish you luck. The last time this dealer had a nice Volume One, there was a bidding war between I think a couple of collectors on many of the lots. I managed to win maybe a dozen countries.

One of the things I like about buying from another Volume One for your Volume One is the ease with which you can see what you need and come to a reasonable idea of what the pages are worth to you.

ChrisW said...

Thanks for the post Bob. I saw Ken's original post about this collection on SCF and have bid on a couple of lots too.

The other good thing about buying these kinds of lots is that you know you will have a place for all these stamps in your BigBlue and know you will not be getting a lot of stamps with no spaces in BigBlue.