Saturday, July 22, 2017

Linns' article on stamp collecting blogs

This and Jim Jackson's Big Blue 1840-1940 blog are mentioned in William F. Sharpe's Linns Stamp News column: “A look at a few of the hundreds of stamp blogs that can be found on the Internet” (Computers and stamps, 8/7/2017, pp 18-19).

This post is intended for any Linns readers who are first time visitors because of the article. May I suggest three places for you to check out:

The "Checklist of comprehensive worldwide collections" referred to in Mr. Sharpe's article;

The listing of online albums which include the two ginormous collections of Antonious-Ra and Dr. Cheng Chang ;

and something which doesn't get much comment, but I think is fun: Postage stamp quotations which includes humorous quotes from movies, tv series, novels, and the like.

Of course, the really good stuff is over at Jim Jackson's blog.

And let me also give a shout out to Keijo's Stamp collecting blog, which isn't on Mr. Sharpe's list presumably because it is behind a paywall, but is a must for serious worldwide stamp collectors.

Thanks for visiting.


keijo said...

Great to see you you and Jim getting some credit for all the hard work that goes into covering worldwide collecting through blogging.

Thanks for the shout as well :)


ChrisW said...

Yes, it is great to see you and Jim (and worldwide collecting) getting some wider recognition.

Well done!


Gene W said...

Well done to both you and Jim, the hours of hard work you put into your blogs make them excellent tools for new collectors.

I can only hope my little blog will someday be able to serve a similar role.

Gene aka DJCMH