Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1 Breaking News: Amos responds to popular demand

Amos Press today announced the results of their recent poll concerning improvements collectors most want to the Scott Blue International album series. The most requested change was to offer the International binders in colors other than blue. Amos admits that the results were a pleasant surprise as they expected collectors would vote for error-free album pages and better coverage, all of which would have cost them a pretty penny.

Starting today, International binders will be available in vermilion, burnt sienna, and near mauve. To pay for these changes, the blue binders will be discontinued. Please note that all International binders are now special order as staff must spray paint existing blue binders and these will take some time to dry. Amos was asked if they were planning to offer additional colors for their Green Specialty albums, but replied that would be “crazy.”

And in a still developing story, we have been unable to reach Jim Jackson, proprietor of the popular BigBlue1840-1940, to learn whether he is changing the name of his blog to reflect the bold new color choices.


Jim said...

I'm holding out for cerise or Prussian green.

Since these are big changes, how about BigChangeling1840-1940?

Keijo said...

Bob - you dropped me off the chair with this. Happy April Fools!


Sara Rubin said...

Got me there for a second!

Bud said...

How 'bout --

Big Yellow for those too cowardly to try another color.
Big Pink for those who are tickled about their collection.
Big Green for those who envy others' collections.
Big Red for those who are mad about mistakes in Big Blue.
Big Purple for those who collect only kings and queens.
Big Brown for those who smoke while filling their albums.
Big Gray for those who have boring collections.
Big Gold for status conscious collectors.