Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1st Breaking News: Scott to Bring Back the Browns

In an effort to compete with William Steiner’s popular printable worldwide pages, Scott announced today that it will sell what you need to produce and customize your own International Brown albums. The Browns are widely recognized as the finest worldwide albums ever published but were discontinued by Scott in the early 1940s.

Unlike Steiner who distributes his album pages on CD-ROM or via download, Scott plans to sell customers the tens of thousands of original letter press metal cuts and type used to print the Browns. According to Scott’s press release, their market research has proven that collectors of the first one hundred years of philately want to create albums using a complementary technology. “Sure,” a Scott executive explains, “we could have gone with something experimental like dot matrix, but our company wants to be cutting edge, not bleeding edge.”

Price on request. Some assembly required. Does not include printing press. Shipping extra. (P.S. Scott is serious about the cutting edges; don’t hurt yourself.)


Jim said...

I'll grab the z grill metal cut, so no one has to worry about completing their collection.

Bob said...

Jim, great idea. Could you also get rid of that pesky magenta British Guiana?

Bud said...

Do you have any comment on the plan of several philatelic supply companies (Harris, Allsyte, Scott, Steiner, Eschenbach, Lighthouse, and Minkus) collaborating on a single mega-album? I understand that they're calling it, with a tip of the hat to us collectors, the Hassel'm Album

Bob said...

Bud, I think the possibility of multiple stamp companies collaborating on anything is too weird even for April 1st. But if they did, I think you've nailed the album Title.