Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What's New in the 2015 Edition of the Scott Classic Catalogue

I've done a similar post every November since beginning this blog. The past couple of years this has been easier because it was possible to look at the editor's page in the online version of the catalog. This year, Scott is using a different online delivery system and this is no longer an option. So what appears here is taken from an article that was published in Linn's.

There are 30,000 value changes from the 2014 edition. Half of these changes are for entries that are only in the Classic Catalogue, a handy way of quantifying how the Classic differs from Scott's "regular" worldwide catalog.

The cover of the 2015 edition features the famous One Cent British Guiana which is also valued: $9.5 million.

The most important newly added listings are the Cubiertas stamps of Colombia (missing from all Scott catalogs since 1941). Also notable is the addition of Hong Kong to the coverage of Chinese Treaty Ports. The Linn's article also notes: "The reorganization of the Ceres issues of Portugal and Portuguese colonies that began in the 2013 Scott Classic catalog is now complete," with "revised listings for Portuguese Congo, Portuguese Guinea, Portuguese India, St. Thomas and Prince Islands, Tete and Timor."

If I have a chance to see the editor's page for the 2015 edition, I will come back and make additions to this post.

If you want an overview of changes in all the editions since 1995, type the words "classic catalogue" into the search field in the upper left corner of the screen.

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