Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blog "On Hold"

You may have noticed the decreased frequency of posts since last year. This is a result of some family-related matters including selling a house that I am dealing with. These will be resolved by later this year and I look forward to being more active at that time. I will certainly continue to post anything I see of major importance to Blue Volume One collectors, but won't be doing any special projects such as the recent one on collating Volume One and Two.


Jim said...

Bob- we want you back!

But, can understand family matters and housing changes can effect the frequency.

Thanks for the heads up, and looking very much forward to your future posts.

Bud said...

Take your time and do things slowly. I've found that, as I get older, I get more things done that way than I did in my supposed highly productive years.

Bob said...

Well that is a relief, as I'm pretty certain I never had any highly productive years.

Bud said...

Well, if you didn't have them in the past, they're still ahead of you.