Sunday, March 16, 2014

So How Will Dealers Describe Your Collection When It Is Sold?

I was browsing the latest Kelleher worldwide auction catalog in the hopes of finding complete Blue Volume Ones. Alas, the worldwide album selection was of little interest. But I began marveling at the ingenuity of the persons writing up the catalog and the names they chose for each lot. Here are my favorites:

World wide, Dumpster Diving, 1850-1940
World wide, Balance of the Philatelic Universe
World wide, Melange
World wide, Philatelic Pandemonium
World wide, Philatelic Prospecting Extravaganza
World wide, Philatelic Plethora of Treasures
World wide, Philatelic Fandango

and the always popular

World wide, Philatelic Caboose.

How could you not want to bid on these?


Jim said...

The Dumpster Diving description kind of hits home. ;-)

We have a fellow in out neighborhood who rifles through all the trash..He is known as the "Can Man". I would be the "Stamp Man" equivalent. ;-)

Bob said...

Jim, I think adding the years to the Dumpster Diving adds a touch of class though, n'est pas?