Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Linn's 2012 Stamp Count

Linn’s recently released their count of new issues for 2012, or, more accurately, those stamps that appeared in the Linn’s "New Issues Updates" from January-December 2013. This count consists of two parts. First is an article by Martin J. Frankevicz, new issues editor for Scott catalogs, “Listing policies and items that didn’t make the cut” in the December 16, 2013 issue of Linn’s Stamp News, pages 44, 46, and 48. (This is only available to subscribers.) And second, the table itself which is available online at This url also contains links for previous tables back to 2002.

The article proper is largely devoted to criticizing the increasing number of stamps being issued that do not meet Scott’s listing policy, with emphasis on the US uninverted inverted Jenny pane.

For the actual details you need to consult the online table. By my tally, there were 6676 stamps that will make it into the Scott catalog (i.e., assigned major numbers), not counting those from the United States. (I do not know why the US isn’t included in the table.) The total value of the stamps for which catalog values were assigned is just shy of $25,800.

The countries that released the most catalog-worthy stamps are Mozambique with 243, followed by Australia, France, Great Britain, Burundi, Canada, Japan, and Portugal in that order. Forty-seven countries that have produced stamps recently issued none in 2013.

Just to clarify, none of these stamps are in the Blue International Volume One, although I may try to sneak a $2 inverted Jenny into my album. 


keijo said...

I think this will make a good entry under the title 'lies, damned lies, and statistics' ;)

Some examples to clarify what I mean.

According to Finnish Post, in 2012 they did 21 releases with 72 stamps. Far beyond the 29 stamps stated by Linns.

As far as Mozambique goes... Michel catalog lits 198 releases with 830 stamps (Michel #5449-6278). About factor of 3+ compared to figures on Linns.

I think the main reason for large difference is what Scott counts as stamp/ major number. Single stamps from sheets, booklets etc. special issues are given minor numbers. Hence the "stamp count" is not a "stamp count", but the number of releases (or editors opinion about it).

Just my 5 cents worth.


Bob said...

Keijo, I thought with only 6000 or so issues, acquiring every stamp issued in 2014 was going to be too easy. I am relieved to know it will take a little more work.