Thursday, October 4, 2012

Changes in the Scott Classic Catalogue for 2013

We're coming up on another November so it must be time for a new edition of the Scott Classic Catalogue. The October 15, 2012 Linn's has a brief article on what will be the 19th edition. There are more than 21,000 changes in value from the previous edition, 8,000 of which are unique to the Classic Catalog. One area of particular interest for the editors has been to reexamine stamps cataloging more than $2500. This project has made it through Fiji for 2013 and will be completed by 2014.

I'm always more interested in improvements in coverage than valuations and this year Portugal's Ceres stamps have been reorganized (which has involved some renumbering). The 2014 edition will extend this treatment to the Portuguese Colonies. I remember early on finding some marked differences in coverage for the various colonies so this is good news. (This is of some importance to the Blue Volume 1 collector as it helps explain the differences in what is included in the album.)

Along with Portugal, there are also improvements in the Tiger Heads of Afghanistan. Airmail semi-Official stamps for Bavaria and Germany appear for the first time, as do the five-ring numeral cancellations for Baden. New Zealand has 45 new minor varieties, Alaouites 37 and Bolivia 22.


DrewM said...

Presumably, then, Scott/Amos makes the same changes in the regular catalogue? Now if they'd just change their Big Blue album pages, too.

Bob said...

Drew, some of what is first added to the Classic Catalogue does make it to the regular one, but much does not. You get an inkling about that from the value changes that are unique to the Classic Catalogue.

I completely agree with your last sentiment. If only Scott/Amos devoted a fraction of the attention to improving their albums as they do to their catalogs.