Monday, January 23, 2012

Block's "Generally Speaking" columns now available for Kindle

I was pleasantly surprised to see in the latest Linn's that Lawrence Block's first 25 columns on collecting the world are available as an eBook for the Kindle (or any other device that has Amazon's Kindle app). You can find out more on the author's blog. If you collect classic era stamps but don't subscribe to Linn's, or have missed some of Block's informative and entertaining columns, this is a very inexpensive ($2.99!) way to catch up. It would be interesting to learn if any non-collecting mystery lovers download the book and decide to start a collection.


Lawrence Block said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word! While I'm reasonably adept at letting readers know about my fiction, reach fellow collectors with news of this book is more difficult for me. (And I do believe some non-collectors are reading Generally Speaking. That may not infect them with the philatelic virus, but perhaps they'll find our pastime a bit less incomprehensible!)

Bob said...

Glad to help, Mr. Block. I finally got around this morning to purchasing the eBook and am enjoying reading your columns again from the beginning. The early columns, at least, read especially well in succession.

Jim said...

A visit from Lawrence Block - very nice :-)

My spouse is addicted to Kindle, so I had her download the Block essays onto the Kindle App on the iPad . ( She has her own real Kindle. ) I finished them at one sitting- great read!