Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pick the Cover for the 2012 Scott Classic Catalogue

It's another year and another opportunity for me not to win the "pick the cover" contest Amos has been sponsoring since 2010. According to the July 2011 special monthly issue of Linn's, the three choices this year are "the 1932 Australia 5/- Sydney Harbor Bridge stamp (Scott 132), the 1929 Canadian 12¢ Quebec Bridge stamp (156), and the 1932 French Andorra 10-centime Bridge of St. Anthony stamp (27). To enter the contest, follow this link, but with the understanding, of course, that if you win, you'll let me have your prize :). This year as an added enticement, the winner's Catalog will be autographed by the Scott Editorial Staff.

Unlike previous years, all three stamps already grace my Blue so perhaps this is a good omen!

UPDATE: The winner was announced in the 17 October 2011 Linn's, the Australia Sydney Harbor Bridge stamp.


Jim said...

Looking up the Australian "Sydney Harbor Bridge" issue in Big Blue, I have the 2p red and 3p blue stamps, but found no space for the 5sh gray green.
I about fell out of my chair when I looked up the value-$500mint/$300 used! May 19,1932 is the date of issue and the used copies are for CTO. This has to be close to a record for price for what I consider a "recent issue". :-)

The attractive Canadian 12c green is valued at a much more reasonable $7.50, and I have the stamp in Big Blue.

The "Bridge of St. Anthony" Andorra dull lilac has that great French design, is in Big Blue, and is valued at $1.40. Have you ever met an "ugly" French designed stamp? ;-) I need to acquire this lovely specimen.

As for how I voted, perhaps I gave it away.....

Jim Jackson

Bob said...

Jim, I finally got around to rechecking my album after you reminded me of the catalog value for the Australia 5sh. Of course, I only have the 2p and the 3p.

While I like all of the choices this year, I agree that the Andorra is my favorite. I have been attracted to French stamps since I was a kid which includes the colonies.