Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dansco Binders

I think of Dansco as a producer of coin albums, but a couple of current eBay auctions reminds me that they also sold stamp-related materials. According to Thomas Moll's Guide to Vintage Coin Folders and Albums (and why hasn't someone written a similar guide for stamp albums, he asks innocently?), Dansco stands for the Daniel Stamp Company now of Venice, California. It was started in 1937 and was still making stamp supplies until at least the 1970s.

In any event, on eBay are two separate listings with binders labeled "Dansco International Junior Stamp Album." I say binders because the contents are still the Scott Blue pages with no mention of Dansco on the title pages. From the photos, Dansco at least made binders for Volumes 1 and 2. I assume there wasn't any particular arrangement with Scott Publishing. Dansco was simply manufacturing a cheaper alternative to the Scott-branded binders, much as G&K does today with its line of binders, blank pages and other accessories for the International.


Jim said...

I didn't know that. :-)
Bob,speaking of Ebay, is it your impression that there are fewer Volume 1's with lots of stamps available now compared to last year? Rather,there seems to be Vol 1 "usual suspect" country lots around. But rarely are lesser known countries offered - Castellorizo anyone?

Bob said...

Hi Jim. I first saw the Dansco a few months ago (although for all I know this may be a relisting).

I think you are right about the paucity recently of larger, more comprehensive collections. I may have bought the largest offered on eBay this year back in January (I lucked out because it was only contained the first half of the alphabet so not of as much interest to other bidders--the whole collection would probably have numbered around 15K stamps. I never did see the second half offered for sale).

DrewM said...

I ended up with a pair of the Dansco binders when I purchased a set of Scott Int'l Vol I pages a few months back. I'd never seen them before.

Mine are labeled a little differently. Front Cover says: International/Junior/StampAlbum. Spine: Dansco/Junior/Stamp/Album // Vol. I (also Vol. 2)

Not in very good shape, so not usable, but a very interesting alternative to the somewhat unwieldy and much larger Scott blue binders, I think. But they're too small, really, to hold enough pages. My two binders are literally bulging to hold all the Vol I pages, perhaps a reason for the spine damage.
too bad Subway Stamp or someone else doesn't sell a similar small (but not this small) alternative binder for the Scott International. I'd buy a bunch since I don't much like the blue binders.

Great blog, by the way! I read religiously, but can't tell how to "subscribe" to get e-mail notification when you've posted another comment.

Best Regards, Drew

Bob said...

Drew, thanks for the additional information on the Dansco binders. I must admit it had never occurred to me that there might be a use for smaller binders, like the one and two inch binders for the green Specialty album series. Years ago I acquired an International where the collector had made his own binder out of stiff board and cloth book binding tape. Much cheaper, I'm certain, but not very attractive.

Thanks for the comment about email updates or lack thereof. I've added a "gadget" over on the right. Let me know if you try it out and it doesn't work or causes other problems. It uses Google's Feedburner service.

Jaye said...

Speaking of Dansco, I just aquired a 1957 Dansco album called "The 5 Star General Worldwide Stamp Album." About equivalent to the Scott's Modern. All pages numbered like the Minkus Comprehensive.