Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OMG! There is A New Blue International Volume 1 Blog

Fellow collector Jim has just started a new blog with the great name "Big Blue 1840-1940" and a catchy intro: "A is for Aden and Z is for Zanzibar...Now what is between? Darn if Scott knows. Fact: Scott does not provide information for what is in Big Blue, aka Scott International Volume 1 1840-1940 But that is about to change."

Jim has set himself the ambitious task of creating a guide to the contents of the Volume One. And we're not talking about just a list of Scott numbers, but also information about the country and background on the stamps themselves.

I wish Jim the best of luck with his new endeavor which will benefit all stamp collectors with an interest in the classic era.

Here's the link:


Jim said...

Thanks Bob!

I'm really enjoying the bite sized "analysis" blogs I can do for each country in Big Blue. I don't even want to think about how long this could take. :-) But as long as it is fun....

Bob said...

This is just darn splendiforous--I have to use made up words to convey how valuable it is. I'm busy adding about a thousand stamps to my collection from a newly purchased album, but when that is done, I can't wait to go through my album country by country comparing it with your analysis.

Jim said...

An update....

And an appreciative thanks to the wonderful author of this blog for giving me the encouragement to start.

Thanks "a million" Bob! ;-)


Bob said...

Jim, congratulations. Well deserved.

And we are all intrigued by your statement: "And, a word to the wise who are reading this - There is going to be a major surprise and addition to the blog posts in about a month: stay tuned. ;-)"

Jim said...

One will just have to wait. ;-)

Jim said...

I am pleased to announce that Bud is posting scans and comments about his completed Big Blue (Scott International Part I 1840-1940 Album) on my blog.

Yes, all 34,700 stamp spaces are filled!

And all of Bud's Big Blue's filled pages will be scanned and shown!

It is expected that 3-8 country scans from Bud's BB will be posted every month.

This accomplishment would not have happened without the early and continued encouragement of Bob and his "Filling Spaces" blog.