Sunday, October 26, 2008

An eBay International Sells for Over a Grand

There haven't been any large "Blue" Volume One's on eBay in over a month, but a recent partial volume 1 containing only countries A-Crete just sold for an impressive $1348 (Item number: 120320288085). Not too shabby when you consider that this represents less than 20% of the pages in a complete volume one and isn't even "padded" with Czechoslovakia. Most pages appeared 80% or more full with lots of stamps mounted around perimeters of pages, not to mention on additional pages the collector had inserted. There are also Scott numbers penciled in for most issues (if only Scott itself had included numbers). Unless the collector who put this together had an abnormal fear of the letters D-Z, I wonder if we can look forward to seeing the remainder of the stamp collection on eBay?

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