Saturday, March 25, 2023

Sergio Sismondo, 1943-2023

According to Linn's, "Sergio Sismondo, a globally respected stamp dealer, philatelic expertizer and prolific writer, died March 13 [2023] at the age of 80." He was an important contributor to the Scott Classic Specialized  Catalogue from its beginnings (1994) to the present day.



Jim said...

Several comments..

- I remember seeing him at WestPex in San Francisco about ten years ago with his trademark classic square glasses. A very well known figure in philately.

- Some dealers really liked him for Certs, as he was efficient and provided coverage in many areas.

- He really provided a service to the Scott catalogue by deepening their coverage.

- I've heard criticism too, that he couldn't really be a "philatelic expert" in so many areas. How valid I cannot judge.

Bob said...

Jim, I'm embarrassed to say I didn't know his name until I started posting summaries of what was new in each edition of the Classic catalogue which is so essential for Big Blue collectors.

Floortrader said...

He was a giant in the philatelic community ,I used his service many times to expertize purchases . Will