Thursday, April 28, 2022

A New Big Blue Blog

Mike's Big Blue Collection - Parts 1 to 7 is the name of a new blog that will be of interest to Scott International Album collectors. His blog's description tells it all:

"This blog will track an ambitious project to complete Scott's International Postage Stamp Albums Parts 1 to 7 (1840 to 1971). Only stamps that match the exact album description are included in the albums themselves. Supplementary pages (courtesy of Mr. Bill Steiner) are included for any stamps I have that were omitted from the Scott albums. I hope that this will serve as a useful reference for fellow collectors."

Mike is taking the summer off but there are seven posts available for perusing.

The url is:

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Mike said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog on your website. While I do plan to take the summer off, I will be posting a few pages here and there. I have also added a section to keep track of the crypto stamps I am collecting as a sideline to the Big Blues. Thanks again! Mike