Thursday, September 16, 2021

"If you want to collect the world, find a way to make it work for you"

This article by Paul M. Holland recently appeared in the September 20, 2021 issue of Linn's (pp 103-108) and is a succinct and entertaining introduction to collecting the world. My only complaint is that Linn's didn't include a warning that some of the author's photos may cause album envy.

To someone unfamiliar with the lack of interest, even bias against worldwide collecting after WW II, the article might seem as unremarkable as it is informative. But when I began my blog in 2007, nothing like this piece existed in print. Basic information such as the difference between the current edition of the "Blue" Volume one and the many editions found on eBay or at auction wasn't available. And pragmatic articles like Hollands that showed collecting the world was really possible, practically non-existent.*

For the record, here are some other periodical articles about the Internationals or worldwide collecting that I found useful:

Block, Lawrence. "Generally Speaking," 33 columns in Linn's beginning with the November 29, 2010 issue. These columns were reprinted in the book Generally Speaking: All 33 columns, plus a few philatelic words from Keller. A Lawrence Block Production, 2019.

Ewell, Albert H. "Hails & Farewells: The Story of the Scott Specialty Albums." Philatelic Literature Review, 3rd Qtr, 2003. pp 222 - 226

Gorney, Cynthia. "They Collected the World: The Herculean Effort for a Grand Total of 195,219 Stamps | In a Herculean Effort, They Collected the World." Special to The Washington Post. Apr 26, 1978, B1-[B2?] (in the "STYLE Entertainment People Comics" section). Reprinted in Scott's Monthly Stamp Journal, July 1978. pp 16-17,  20-21.

Thompson, Rick. "Judging an Album by Its Cover." American Philatelist, October 2010. pp 915-918.

Turner, George T. "A Century, 1868-1968, Scott's Albums." Scott's Monthly Journal, March 1968. pp 1-3, 6-7, 10-11, 14-15, 18-19, 22, 34.

*For completeness sake, there is an article that I missed when I was first researching and have not seen: Lawrence Januz's "General Worldwide Collecting Still Alluring," Linn's, January  25, 1999, p. 30.


Jim said...

Great minds think alike. ;-)

Bob, I was coming over to your blog site to suggest you do a review of Holland's Linn's Stamp News article, but I see you have already done it. Thanks!

I wish, though, in the age of the internet, he might have suggested some resources for those who would like to start a WW collection - perhaps including your site (Filling Spaces) and my site (Bigblue 1840-1940). :-)

Jim Jackson

albumfilling said...

Somewhat interestingly I am finding it notably difficult to locate the mentioned resources as none appear to be available online as far as I can tell. :(

I very much agree that adding some pointers to online resources relating to world wide collecting would have been a worthwhile addition!